The Free State of Saxony has appointed the Italian conductor Daniele Gatti as the next Chief Conductor of Dresden’s Sächsische Staatskapelle. The Saxon Minister of Culture and Tourism, Barbara Klepsch and Daniele Gatti signed the contract today, 5 July 2023, in Dresden. The six-year term will begin on 1st August 2024 and end on 31st July 2030. 

Minister Barbara Klepsch states: “I’m happy that, following the orchestra’s vote, we may proceed to finalize the contract with Daniele Gatti for a joint working experience at Dresden’s Semperoper, and I give him my warmest welcome to the city! Our new Chief Conductor is one of the best internationally and his aim is to foster the highest musical level for the Sächsische Staatskapelle, to inspire and touch people through the opera house of the State’s capital, and to be an ambassador of Saxon’s culture around the world. The character and the treasures of the Saxon orchestra are in good hands, and he will surely implement new developments that will make sure that the Staatskapelle continues to grow, and that classical music captivates a diversified audience. I further want to extend my warm welcome to Saxony to the orchestra’s new General Manager, Annekatrin Fojuth, who will begin in 2024. I’m very happy that she and our upcoming Superintendent Nora Schmid will take in their hands the responsibility of the future of our opera house, with its rich tradition as the headquarters of the Staatskapelle. To all of you I say: Welcome to Saxony, Welcome to the Semperoper. We are thrilled!”

Superintendent Nora Schmid says: “I’m very happy to start working with Daniele Gatti! Since he was nominated as the Staatskapelle’s next Chief Conductor we have established a stimulating and gratifying communication, and it’s wonderful to see how artistic plans are developing. I’m sure Daniele Gatti will reach significant levels with the Staatskapelle, both in Dresden and on international stages. It fills me with joy that we were also able to get an experienced General Manager for the orchestra such as Annekatrin Fojuth, and I’m sure she will be fully dedicated to her role. And with this we have brilliantly completed the Semperoper’s future management team”. 

The next Chief Conductor of the Staatskapelle, Daniele Gatti, highlights: “In February 2000, after being invited by the then Chief Conductor Giuseppe Sinopoli, I had the honor to conduct a concert with the orchestra of Dresden’s Staatskapelle for the first time. It was a musical connection like I had rarely experienced before, and it was the starting point of an artistic relationship that has intensified through the years, both in Dresden and on world tours. Today I am happy and deeply honored to accept this new appointment in one of Europe’s great musical cities and to be at the head of one of the oldest and most important orchestras worldwide – even more in a venue like the Semperoper, where many internationally renowned musicians have performed, from Richard Wagner on. I also thank the great conductor and friend Christian Thielemann – whom I’ve known and admired for many years – for the great work he has done, and I hope he will continue to stay close to the orchestra and that he will be back soon as our guest conductor”. 

Carla Monni