Gatti & Michieletto: “La damnation de Faust”

“Damnation is losing humanity as a consequence of isolation and lack of human relations”. These are the words of stage director Damiano Michieletto referring to Hector Berlioz’ masterpiece La Damnation de Faust, on stage at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, beginning 12 December. The show, opening the 2017-2018 Season of the Teatro Costanzi, is conducted by Daniele Gatti. Lead characters on stage are Pavel Černoch as Faust, Alex Esposito as Méphistophélès, Veronica Simeoni as Merguerite and Goran Jurić as Brander. Stage sets are by Paolo Fantin; costumes by Carla Teti; light designs by Alessandro Carletti; and videos by Roca Film.

“Faust is a fragile man – says Damiano Michieletto – who is seeking and fighting to find his own identity, somewhat on the same line of what happens with Hamlet. Mephistopheles represents corruption, temptation, one that creates a destructive cynical path. He acts as if he were making laboratory experiments: and in his hands Faust is a guinea pig. As if in a sort of Truman Show, Mephistopheles controls everything. He wants to dominate Faust, whom he treats as a possession, as a toy.”

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